The Man

The Man

Where do I begin? I’ll begin at the beginning, because I was there. No, I’m not his mom, but I knew him in his mommy’s belly as I rubbed that belly and sang to him before his birth. After his arrival through the present time, I have watched him enjoy the moments of life, always excited about the next venture, no matter what it is. He was that way then and he is that way now.

In hindsight, the man was very visible in the boy. He was then and is now, an awesome teacher. Teaching my sons and others to ride bikes, helping with homework and yard work – those traits have not changed. He helps others with their work today whether around the house, driving lessons, life lessons, ministry lessons – he has not changed.

The man has been given great gifts from before the foundations of the world. He embraced what God gave him before he knew it was God who had given the gifts. He is even more excited, more dynamic today, to know the gifts came from God. He has the quality that every real teacher must embody to be great – he is the consummate student, always poised to learn, seeing the value, and the gift in everyone he meets. 

I tell you about the man and not the minister because at the heart of every minister is a man.  And you need to know that at the heart of this minister is a good man. A son, a husband, a father, a supervisor, friend, uncle, cousin, coworker, leader, minister – take away all the titles and will there be a man left standing? The answer, yes; because this man rests in the title that cannot be taken away and means the most. He is a “Son, of the Most High God.”  A son, after his FATHER’s heart. Jerome Mills, there’s only one. When you see him, when you hear him, you’ll know too who he is and will never forget the indelible impact he has made in YOUR life.



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